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Hegarty Maths is working.
If you are still experiencing difficulties please email our staff at the addresses below

Year 11

Year 11s who wish to Study A Level Maths should continue to complete tasks set on Hegarty Maths by their teachers.

Hegarty Maths are also providing LIVE LESSONS to support these students and can be accessed – www.youtube.com/user/HEGARTYMATHS/live


Parent Support

What should I expect my child to work on in maths and for how long?

We want to provide a routine for each year group so that when they sit down to do maths they know they need to carry out certain tasks in a certain order. Please scroll down for the visual summaries that show the activities that we expect children in each year group to do during. Generally year 9,10 and 11 will be expected to complete 5 questions from www.corbettmaths.com/5-a-day/gcse – each class will be allocated which set of 5 questions they are to do. This is followed by 3 tasks set by the teacher on Hegarty maths – students should watch the video, make notes by copying examples, then answer the quizzes for maximum impact.. We have also purchased each student a CGP workbook to spend twenty minutes a day on that they can write in.
 Year 11s have also been issued with 3 past papers – one of these should be completed weekly.
Year 7 and 8 should do the same as above but complete 10 minutes practice on TimesTable Rockstars, which they have all been reissued logins for via a letter to parents they were given. They should practice on garage mode and record an attempt on studio mode when they feel they are ready to improve their “rock score.”
Students should be working on maths for 1 hour, 4 times a week. Year 11 should complete their weekly practice exam paper on top of this.
What if my child forgets the password for Hegarty or Timestable Rockstars?
Hegartymaths is based on the school, child’s name and date of birth. There is a password reset button that will contact the teacher in order to reset it.
All year 7 and 8 pupils were given their TTRockstars username and passwords this week via a letter, so please ask them where it is.
Please contact the relevant email address below for the different year groups:
These will be manned from 9.00-10.30am every morning and 1:30-3pm in the afternoon to answer any queries about logins, learning or revision.
How can I check that my child has completed what they should have done each day?
1. Ask year 7 or 8 to login to TT Rockstars and show you their rock score on Timestable Rockstars.
Ask year 9, 10 or 11 to show you their 5-a-day booklet. These can be self marked by going to www.corbettmaths.com/5-a-day/gcse and scrolling down for that month’s answers.
2. Ask your son/daughter to login to Hegartymaths on their device and click “my scores” at the top right. This will show their most recent tasks with the date, time and score they achieved.For tasks that are due and have not been started, ask them to click “my tasks” at the top left.
3. Ask your son/daughter to show you how much of their CGP workbook they have completed that day. Maybe sign and date it each day on the pages they have completed.
What happens if my child gets stuck on their work?
1. 5-a-day booklet answers can be found at www.corbettmaths.com/5-a-day/gcse and scrolling to that month’s answers.
2. Hegartymaths has a “get help button” when in the quiz, which takes them directly to the part of the video that will help them with that exact question.
3. Each Hegarty task has building blocks if you scroll down – these are the videos and quizzes for the skills that students need to complete BEFORE they try the quiz they are. This closes any knowledge gaps.
4. Students can contact teachers on Hegartymaths via the messaging service.
5. You can contact teachers on the email addresses listed above
Can my child write in the CGP workbook you have provided?
Yes, it is theirs to keep.
What order should they complete the workbook in?
Any order is fine but we recommend working from page 1. We also recommend that parents sign and date where the student gets up to each time they attempt it so you can monitor effort.
I want my child to be stretched and do extra. What else can they be doing?
Students can log in to Hegarty maths and click “revise” at the top of the screen.
Fix Up 5 mode will find 5 questions that they have answered incorrectly in the past and ask them to answer it again to improve.
MemRi will set them 10 questions that they have got correct in the past and ask them to see if they can remember how to answer them now.
Students can access http://www.montgomerymaths.co.uk/gcsepassport/ where they can find a selection of quizzes that are aimed at grade 4 and 5 (suitable for year 7,8 and 9 too), as well as two higher passports aimed at higher GCSE students.
Students can also access challenging puzzles and tasks at:
Students are also able to sign up for www.drfrostmaths.com where they can access Past Paper Questions, Revision Resources and Mathematical Activities
We hope the above means that students have some structure around how they can routinely complete maths work each day, with support from both the online platforms they access and from teachers via email.
Many thanks for your support and encouragement during this testing time.
Montgomery Maths Team
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