Hegarty Maths

SkillHegarty Maths clip numberVideo lesson link
Simple multiplication & its meaning4Video Link
Simple division & its meaning5Video Link
Related multiplication & division facts6Video Link
Commutative law7Video Link
Associative law8Video Link
Multiplication facts (times tables)10Video Link
Division facts11Video Link
Distributive law of multiplication12Video Link
Long multiplication21Video Link
Short division22Video Link
Multiplication & division (worded problems)23Video Link
Order of operations 1 (positive integers)24Video Link
Odd & even numbers25Video Link
Divisibility tests26Video Link
Multiplication with decimals48Video Link
Division with decimal answers49Video Link
Division of decimals50Video Link
Worded problems involving decimals51Video Link
Lattice method for multiplication143Video Link
Short multiplication144Video Link
Long division145Video Link
Division using steps146Video Link
Mental maths help 1 (splitting numbers)147Video Link
Mental maths help 2 (doubling & halving)148Video Link